Foucault and Adorno: Two forms of the critique of modernity

Axel Honneth, David Roberts
Thesis Eleven

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references Michel Foucault on 2/22/2020, 1:39:24 AM

references Theodor W. Adorno on 2/22/2020, 1:39:24 AM

note Good articulation of differences between Foucault and Adorno on page 53. on 2/22/2020, 1:44:03 AM

excerpt However, a closer inspection reveals at this point a first small difference which in fact will make all the difference: Adorno sees the totalitarian operations of control realised through the psychic manipulations of the mass media, i.e. by the agencies of the culture industry, whereas Foucault believes that the integrating operations are secured rather through those corporal disciplinary procedures performed by such loosely related institutions as the school, the factory or the prison. 55 on 2/22/2020, 1:46:29 AM

excerpt Thus there emerges from Foucault’s studies of power, all outstanding examples of a theoretically generalised historiography, a picture of the European modern age which strikingly resembles that of the Dialectic of Enlightenment. 52 on 2/22/2020, 1:49:42 AM