Modelling Contemporary Gatekeeping

The rise of individuals, algorithms and platforms in digital news disseminationJulian Wallace
Digital Journalism

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excerpt Bruns (2005 Bruns, Axel. 2005. Gatewatching: Collaborative Online News Production: Collaborative Online News Production. New York: Peter Lang Publishing Inc. [Google Scholar] ) has highlighted the publishing power of individuals in contrast to journalism. He identified a changing role of journalism—a shift from controlling the construction of social reality to curating it by re-publishing content through journalistic platforms after it was already visible on the Web. This means that journalists act as “gatewatchers” instead of gatekeepers. on 6/5/2019, 9:42:02 PM

abstract Gatekeeping theory struggles to describe the rise of algorithms and users as information selectors in digital spaces. Algorithms and users may co-exist as decision-makers and reach high visibility through decentralised gatekeeping mechanisms. Classic gatekeeping theory is no longer adequate in describing contemporary news selection processes online and recent gatekeeping approaches at theory-building are isolated and have not been synthesised in a coherent gatekeeping theory. This theoretical paper addresses this issue and develops a digital gatekeeping model in three steps. First, four gatekeeper archetypes are identified that differ in access, selection criteria and publication choices. Second, gatekeeping frequently involves platforms on which gatekeepers operate. These platforms either apply gatekeeping mechanisms controlled by a central authority or rely on collaborations between many micro-level interactions to publish news. Third, a digital gatekeeping model is derived to model the four gatekeeper archetypes and their selection processes in relation to platforms employing collaborative gatekeeping mechanisms. This proposed digital gatekeeping model extends previous research on gatekeeping by synthesising classic gatekeeping theory with contemporary approaches and by providing a framework for future research on information control and dissemination. on 6/5/2019, 9:42:21 PM

excerpt Shaw (2012 Shaw, Aaron. 2012. “Centralized and Decentralized Gatekeeping in an Open Online Collective.” Politics & Society 40 (3): 349–388.10.1177/0032329212449009 [Crossref], [Web of Science ®], , [Google Scholar] ) has dubbed such mechanisms “decentralized gatekeeping” that consist of many micro-level interactions between individuals and produce a selection of prominent topics. The individuals involved act as gatekeepers by selecting and publishing information, but the publication remains irrelevant for the construction of social reality unless it also gets picked up and republished by other individuals. on 6/5/2019, 9:43:59 PM

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