The Passing of the “High Modernism” of American Journalism

Daniel C. Hallin
Journal of Communication

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quote “High modernist art, architecture, literature, etc. became establishment arts and practices in ;i society where a corporate capiralist vision of the Enlightenment project of development for progress and human emancipation held sway.. .The lxlief ‘in linear progress, absolute truths. and rational planning of ideal social order.;’ under standardized conditions of knowledge and production was particularly strong. The modernism that resulted was, as a result, ‘positivistic. technocratic and rationalistic’ at the same time it was imposed as the work of an elite avantgarcle.. .“ (Harvey, 1990, p 35). on 6/6/2019, 6:17:36 PM

excerpt If the news agenda has been democratized in certain ways, it has been trivialized in others, with more attention to stories like celebrity trials and beached whales. 22 on 6/6/2019, 6:24:12 PM

excerpt It is also possible that significant parts of the public will one day be exposed to no other sort of “news” than the tabloids. And this brings me to my final point. In the period I have called the high modernism of American journalism, the news audience was close to universal. The metropolitan newspaper and the network evening news provided rich and poor, political and apolitical alike with a source of relatively serious reporting on public affairs. These media served some members of the audience better than oth- ers, to be sure; but most everyone was at least part of the audience. It is not clear that this common audience will survive. Newspapers have lost circula- tion generally. But it is likely to be in television that a really dramatic change takes place, reproducing something like the split in the newspaper market of many European countries between the quality and mass press. 23 on 6/6/2019, 6:27:34 PM

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