Tracking the Online Audience

Metric data start a subtle revolutionPhil MacGregor
Journalism Studies

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cites Putting 'reality' Together on 6/3/2019, 7:16:50 PM

excerpt In pre-Internet accounts, journalists are thus seen to prefer to remain aloof from the audience and from most market research about it. The observed tendency of journalists and editors instead to turn to each other as substitute audiences in the absence of a technique to communicate with the real one is reinforced by Sumpter (2000) on 6/3/2019, 7:19:17 PM

references Journalists at Work on 6/3/2019, 7:22:25 PM

excerpt Decisions to alter practice directly, totally and immediately under the stimulation of tracking data are exceptional. Normally, an individual content item will not be re-edited, re-published, moved, archived or retained any differently. This is sometimes because 24 hours is longer than the normal publishing lifespan of the material, so by the time statistics are seen, the moment for intervention has passed. on 6/3/2019, 7:24:22 PM

excerpt Sheer adherence to chasing user numbers or numbers of clicks is criticised also for loss of editorial independence, or “slavery” to the audience. The notion of following clicks is so crude as to be “dangerous” (Financial Times). on 6/3/2019, 7:27:06 PM

excerpt A third reason for turning away from messages in tracking data stems from the perceived need to show leadership, and anticipate user wishes, not simply to react. News values are not a simple formula. Respondents point out that particular decisions still need to be made fast, “on the fly” and with many goals in mind. on 6/3/2019, 7:27:39 PM

excerpt In respect of the first research consideration, the extent of its adoption, the server tracking data is widely consulted by this set of participants. It is sometimes viewed with great intensity—“obsessively”—to deliver a variety of editorially significant messages. This results in delayed, but also, in instant adaptations to the content offered online. In so doing editorial priorities are re-weighted and in consequence a basic practice of news judgement is being affected in the online newsroom. on 6/3/2019, 7:29:29 PM

cites The Processes of Adopting Multimedia and Interactivity in Three Online Newsrooms on 6/3/2019, 7:30:08 PM

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tag-as Digital Analytics & Online Gatekeeping on 6/5/2019, 8:02:35 PM

Deliberative, agonistic, and algorithmic audiences: Journalism’s vision of its public in an age of audience transparency. cites Tracking the Online Audience on 6/3/2019, 7:01:46 PM

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