Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment
Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment

Bestselling UNIX author Stevens offers application and system programmers his professional, experienced-based guidance on using the system call interface with C. Since good examples are the key to a book like this, a simple shell program is developed in the first chapter and then expanded throughout the book to demonstrate the principles.

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via Spawning interactive process on 5/21/2020, 10:13:03 PM

excerpt The CLI style of early UNIX has retained its utility long after the demise of teletype for two reasons. One is that command-line and command-language interfaces are more expressive than their visual interfaces, especially for complex tasks. The other is that CLI interfaces are highly scriptable - they readily support the combining of programs. ... The disadvantage of the CLI style, of course is that it almost always has high mnemonic load (low ease), and usually has low transparency. Most people (especially nontechnical endusers) find such interfaces relatively cryptic and difficult to learn. 295 on 11/29/2020, 8:55:48 PM

quote On the other hand, the 'user-friendly' GUIs of other operating systems have their own problems. Finding the right buttons to press is like playing a game of Adventure: the interfaces are just as burdensome as any Unix command line interface, save that one can in theory find the treasure by sufficient exploration. In Unix, one needs the manual. on 11/29/2020, 9:00:32 PM