Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology
Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology

In this work, David Graeber explores the implications of linking anthropology to anarchism.

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excerpt The question becomes:What sort of social theory would actually be of interest to those who are trying to help bring about a world in which people are free to govern their own affairs? on 1/25/2021, 1:34:58 AM

references The Golden Bough on 1/25/2021, 1:37:48 AM

references The Gift (essay) on 1/25/2021, 1:40:41 AM

references Georges Sorel on 1/25/2021, 1:42:23 AM

excerpt Politics is the art of inspiring others with great myths. on 1/25/2021, 1:43:07 AM

excerpt Modern research has shown Nuremberg rallies were actually by Harvard pep rallies. 19 on 1/25/2021, 1:44:44 AM

excerpt [Gift economies] were not based on calculation, but on a refusal to calculate; they were rooted in an ethical system which conspicuously rejected most of what we would consider the basic principles of economics. It was not that they had not yet learned to seek profit through the most efficient means. They would have found the very premise that the point of an economic transaction - at least, one with someone who was not your enemy - was to seek the greatest profit deeply offensive. 21 on 1/25/2021, 1:49:13 AM

note Anarchist modes of living are designed to ensure that the emergence of centralized authority cannot occur. on 1/25/2021, 1:57:08 AM

excerpt There is a way out, which is to accept that anarchist forms of organization would not look anything like a state. That they would involve an endless variety of communities, associations, networks, projects, on every conceivable scale, overlapping and intersecting in any way we can imagine and possibly many that we can't. 40 on 1/25/2021, 2:03:11 AM

excerpt There is assumed to be an absolute rupture between the world we live in, and the world inhabited by anyone who might be characterized as "primitive," "tribal," or even as "peasants." 41 on 1/25/2021, 2:15:26 AM

references null on 1/25/2021, 2:22:10 AM

references We Have Never Been Modern on 1/25/2021, 2:25:08 AM

references Original affluent society on 1/25/2021, 2:30:32 AM

excerpt How to neutralize the state apparatus itself, in the absence of a politics of direct confrontation? 63 on 1/25/2021, 2:40:04 AM

excerpt For the most part, states were ideas, ways of imagining social control as something that one could get a grip on, models of control. 65 on 1/25/2021, 2:42:17 AM

excerpt In fact the threat of that man with the stick permeates our world at every moment; most of us have given up even thinking of crossing the innumerable lines and barriers he creates, just so we don't have to remind ourselves of his existence. 72 on 1/25/2021, 2:55:00 AM

references John Zerzan on 1/25/2021, 3:04:07 AM

Michael Vassar references Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology on 7/15/2019, 9:21:17 PM