On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life
On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life
Part II of Thoughts Out of Season

(Part II of Thoughts Out of Season)

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authored-by Friedrich Nietzsche on 5/27/2019, 3:07:05 PM

quote It is the most unjust condition in the world, narrow, ungrateful to the past, blind to dangers, deaf to warnings, a little living whirlpool in a dead sea of night and forgetting: and yet this condition — unhistorical, contrahistorical through and through— is the cradle not only of an injustice, but rather of every just deed; and no artist will paint his picture, no general achieve victory nor any people it’s freedom without first having desired and striven for it in such an unhistorical condition. As the man of action, according to Goethe’s phrase, is always without conscience, so he is also without knowledge; he forgets a great deal to do one thing, he is unjust to what lies behind him and knows only one right, the right of that which is to become. So the agent loves his deed infinitely more than it deserves to be loved; and the best deeds occur in such an exuberance of love that of this love, at least, they must be unworthy even if their value is otherwise immeasurably great on 7/19/2019, 2:56:37 PM

references Franz Grillparzer on 7/19/2019, 9:16:08 PM

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excerpt The past always speaks as an oracle: only as masters builders of the future who know the present will you understand it. 38 on 6/20/2020, 5:46:53 PM

excerpt But this will live, the monogram of their most authentic essence, a work, a deed, a rare inspiration, a creation: it will live because posterity cannot do without it. In this most refined form fame is more than the most delicious morsel of our self-love, as Schopenhauer called it; it is the belief in the affinity and continuity of the great of all ages, it is a protest against the change of generations and transitoriousness. 16 on 6/20/2020, 5:51:29 PM

The Cambridge Companion to Modernism references On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life on 5/27/2019, 3:06:51 PM