Opinion Polls and the Media
Opinion Polls and the Media
Reflecting and Shaping Public Opinion

Opinion Polls and the Media provides the most comprehensive analysis to date on the relationship between the media, opinion polls, and public opinion. Looking at the extent to which the media, through their use of opinion polls, both reflect and shape public opinion, it brings together a team of leading scholars and analyzes theoretical and methodological approaches to the media and their use of opinion polls. The contributors explore how the media use opinion polls in a range of countries across the world, and analyze the effects and uses of opinion polls by the public as well as political actors.

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excerpt But do the media mainly reflect or shape public opinion, in particular with respect to their use of opinion polls? This question is ultimately at the heart of this volume. 1 on 6/1/2019, 12:47:32 PM

excerpt ... These different views of representation form a classic controversy: Should representatives always follow and be bound by public opinion, or should representatives be free to act as seems best to them in the pursuit of the public and the public's interest? Considering that public opinion is most often perceived as aggregate responses in opinion polls, should political leaders always follow opinion polls regardless of whether public opinion is informed or uninformed, consistent or inconsistent, democratically enlightened or not enlightened? 6 on 6/1/2019, 12:59:03 PM

cites Media, Markets, and Democracy on 6/1/2019, 1:07:48 PM

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excerpt Without leaving his apartment, every man could continuously express his opinions on political questions through an apparatus, and all these opinions will be automatically recorded in the head office. on 6/1/2019, 1:29:37 PM

excerpt Those of us who launched this effort to measure public opinion by sampling methods did not regard public opinion as a mysterious force which manifested itself in unknown ways. To us, as to James Bryce, public opinion was 'the aggregate of the views men hold regarding matters that affect or interest their community'. on 6/1/2019, 1:31:56 PM

excerpt Public opinion is created by the procedures that are established to "discovery" it. The phenomenon of opinion is an artifact of the technical procedures that are designed to capture it. Osborne and Rose 383 on 6/1/2019, 1:37:23 PM

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excerpt Both polling and elections are based on the same normative idea of representation 42 on 6/1/2019, 1:53:04 PM

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excerpt The 'conceptualizations of 'public opinion' as 'a tool of collective system control' makes polls hardly compatible ... with any scientific endeavor. 43 on 6/1/2019, 1:57:28 PM

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excerpt a representative democracy must walk a tightrope between excessive leadership, which could lead to a less democratic regime, and the abscence of leadership, which could allow a nation to pursue conceived policies that might harm the interests of the citizenry. 18-19 on 6/1/2019, 2:22:34 PM

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