Power Without Responsibility
Power Without Responsibility
The Press and Broadcasting in Britain

Since the 4th edition, the inexorable rise of global media empires and the changes in technology including the growth of Internet-related media, has necessitated a substantial revision of Power Without Responsibility.

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quote Reith despised politicians and disliked party politics. Although at various times he had political ambitions, he hated the ‘toadying, the cringing pursuit of popularity’ which he believed characterized politics. 116 on 2/8/2020, 8:20:36 PM

quote It is occasionally indicated to us that we are apparently setting out to give the public what we think they need and not what they want – but few know what they want, and very few what they need.' 117 on 2/8/2020, 8:21:38 PM

excerpt Reith was more an evangelist than a liberal. ‘Anything in the nature of a dictatorship is the subject of much resentment these days,’ he wrote in 1924. ‘Well somebody has to give decisions.’ 117 on 2/8/2020, 8:21:58 PM

references BBC on 2/8/2020, 8:22:13 PM

references John Reith, 1st Baron Reith on 2/8/2020, 8:23:33 PM