The Aleph
The Aleph
Including the Prose Fictions from The Maker

Although full of philosophical puzzles and supernatural surprises, the stories which make up The Aleph also contain some of Borges's most fully realized human characters. With uncanny insight he takes us inside the minds of an unrepentant Nazi, an imprisoned Mayan priest, fanatical Christian theologians, a woman plotting vengeance on her father's 'killer' and a man awaiting his assassin in a Buenos Aires guest house. This volume also contains the hauntingly brief vignettes about literary imagination and personal identity, collected in The Maker, which Borges created as failing eyesight and public fame began to undermine his sense of self.

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references Giambattista Vico on 5/10/2019, 9:52:30 PM

authored-by Jorge Luis Borges on 5/10/2019, 9:58:51 PM

excerpt the machinery of the world is exceedingly complex for the simplicity of man. 176 on 6/3/2019, 8:25:03 AM

excerpt What will die with me the day I die? What pathetic or frail image will be lost to the world? 161 on 6/3/2019, 8:26:01 AM

excerpt Fate is partial to repetitions, variations, symmetries. 157 on 6/3/2019, 8:26:45 AM

excerpt Men invented farewells because they somehow knew themselves to be immortal, even while seeing themselves as contingent and ephemeral. 153 on 6/3/2019, 8:27:39 AM

excerpt He had never lingered long among the pleasures of memory. 140 on 6/3/2019, 8:28:50 AM

excerpt Little by little, a man comes to resemble the shape of his destiny; a man *is* in, the long run, his circumstances. 92 on 6/3/2019, 8:31:02 AM

excerpt Tennyson said that if we could but understand a single flower we might know who we are and what the world is. Perhaps he was trying to say that there is nothing, however humble, that does not imply the history of the world and its infinite concatenations of causes and effects. 87 on 6/3/2019, 8:33:41 AM

excerpt It has been said that men are born either Aristotelians or Platonists. That is equivalent to saying that there is no debate about abstract nature that is not an instance of the debate between Aristotle and Plato. Down through the centuries and latitudes, the names change, the dialects, the faces, but not the eternal antagonists. 68 on 6/3/2019, 8:36:49 AM

excerpt like the philosopher, I think that nothing can be communicated by the act of writing. 52 on 6/3/2019, 8:39:10 AM

excerpt A man sets out to draw the world. As the years go by, he peoples a space with images of provinces, kingdoms, mountains, bays, ships, islands, fishes, rooms, instruments, stars, horses, and individuals. A short time before he dies, he discovers that the patient labyrinth of lines traces the lineaments of his own face. on 11/12/2019, 2:20:23 AM