The condition of postmodernity
The condition of postmodernity

an enquiry into the origins of cultural change

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The Passing of the “High Modernism” of American Journalism cites The condition of postmodernity on 6/6/2019, 6:16:51 PM

“High modernist art, architecture, literature, etc. became establishment arts and practices in ;i society where a corporate capiralist vision of the Enlightenment project of development for progress and human emancipation held sway.. .The lxlief ‘in linear progress, absolute truths. and rational planning of ideal social order.;’ under standardized conditions of knowledge and production was particularly strong. The modernism that resulted was, as a result, ‘positivistic. technocratic and rationalistic’ at the same time it was imposed as the work of an elite avantgarcle.. .“ (Harvey, 1990, p 35). cites The condition of postmodernity on 6/6/2019, 6:17:46 PM