Yes, Eshell is my main shell

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excerpt Some points: I agree with the sentiment we can do better in shells than Unix - PowerShell is very interesting, not just because of the scripting language being typed, but the way you interact with the system as well. I think putting anything more than a command-line conversation in a glorified vt100 is counterproductive at best and reactionary at worst - we can do so much better with actual GUIs, with the advantages that they bring. (Even a command line shell might be better done in a real GUI - see Mathematica notebooks and Jupyter for rich REPLs, and Acme, pad, Oberon, and MPW for editor-shell hybrids.) I agree with this article’s sentiment, even if eshell isn’t my way. It’s such a shame a slavish adherence to “the Unix philosophy” has held back UI research and experimentation with developer tools and command lines. Emacs harkens back to the Lisp machine, even if it’s just a shadow of what a real one could do. on 5/26/2020, 8:55:41 AM