Charles Maurras
Charles Maurras

French author and poet

Charles-Marie-Photius Maurras (; French: [ʃaʁl moʁas]; 20 April 1868 – 16 November 1952) was a French author, politician, poet, and critic. He was an organizer and principal philosopher of Action Française, a political movement that was monarchist, anti-parliamentarist, and counter-revolutionary. Maurras' ideas greatly influenced National Catholicism and "nationalisme intégral". A major tenet of integral nationalism was stated by Maurras as "a true nationalist places his country above everything". A political theorist and a major intellectual influence in early 20th-century Europe, his views influenced several far-right ideologies; they also prefigured some of the ideas of fascism.

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Maurras argued that the trappings of French Republican democracy had been a facade, behind which industrial and financial interests had vanquished the older landed and aristocratic classes; the spiritual authority of the church, meanwhile, had been destroyed. In all this the writers of the intelligentsia had been the losers. No longer writing for a critical and cultured audience, they were reduced to dependence (like Zola) on the whims of the masses, or else of those capitalists who hired them to write journalism for the newspapers. 64 references Charles Maurras on 5/25/2019, 11:35:02 AM

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