Vladimir K. Zworykin
Vladimir K. Zworykin

Russian engineer

Vladimir Kosmich Zworykin (Russian: Влади́мир Козьми́ч Зворы́кин, Vladimir Koz'mich Zvorykin; July 29 [O.S. July 17] 1888 – July 29, 1982) was a Russian-American inventor, engineer, and pioneer of television technology. Zworykin invented a television transmitting and receiving system employing cathode ray tubes. He played a role in the practical development of television from the early thirties, including charge storage-type tubes, infrared image tubes and the electron microscope.

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Silent politics: polls and the awareness of public opinion references Vladimir K. Zworykin on 9/23/2019, 5:06:01 PM

"modern technology makes it possible to give the people the ability to communicate their wishes and opinions to the government with a directness and immediacy comparable with that realized at present in the opposite direction" 8 authored-by Vladimir K. Zworykin on 9/26/2019, 6:11:35 PM